Mr. Hanan Ali Abbasi is a multidimensional Youth icon of Pakistan. His services have been highly recognized by Pakistani nation and at global stage, most in particular by the Commonwealth International Secretariat London from wherever he received the credible Youth Award of 54 Commonwealth countries. Mr. Abbasi is a Gold Medalist from NPC and holder of highest Youth Award of Pakistan – National Youth Award 2010 by State of Pakistan. Mr. Hanan represented Pakistan in United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, UAE, Srilanka, Iran, Sudan, and Azerbaijan as a state guest. He is a unique talent digger, who pioneered “National Youth Assembly of Pakistan, which has become a true national platform for youth with outreach in over a hundred districts and numerous Pakistani universities. Over sixty District Administrations of the country have formally patronized the NYA as direct executing partners. Before devoting his life for Youth he was a Young Journalist and He promoted literature among youth by writing three famous books and more than 300 research based articles in leading newspapers. Mr. Abbasi introduced a unique modern approach to promote literacy, through video documentaries and motivational music to influence his own widespread social media following. Government of Pakistan declared his “National Young Book Ambassador” and he also got name and fame as a radio broadcaster and television presenter. Hanan participated in more than 400 national/international TV shows and consistently invests his energies into motivating, resourcing, and equipping young leaders for their bright future. More than 35 top-notch universities of Pakistan have invited Mr. Hanan Abbasi to share his motivational experiences as a role model for Youth. He is a highly motivated and ambitious individual who is using all modern tools of communication such as Youtube, facebook and twitter to prepare a peaceful family of Global Leaders.


Since the creation of the country, youth had never been valued properly as they deserve. Youth was a tool to manipulate the political ends but was never given a chance to have their role in the decision making process of the country. In order to fill this vacuum of Youth representation Hanan Ali Abbasi came up with the idea to gather the youth at a common platform and to give them the courage to speak. And today, out of his tireless efforts he is the pioneer of nation-wide recognized, youth-led model parliament; the National Youth Assembly (NYA). The National Youth Assembly is designed to develop talented, ambitious people and help them grow to their full potential. The National Youth Assembly is a pioneered recognized National Youth platform, philanthropic alliance and youth think tank, under License No. 690, awarded by the concerned commission of Govt of Pakistan. We are operating in various youth empowerment and learning deliberations, such as youth parliamentary sessions, seminars, debates, motivational activities, humanitarian work, awareness campaigns and formal meeting with influential decision makers. With the presence of a strong youth network at federal, provincial, divisional, district, university and tehsil level, more than thirty thousand youth have become part of NYA as members, youth councilors and volunteers and the journey of discovering nameless heroes still continues.