INTERNATIONAL EXPOSURE – visited UK, China Hong Kong, SriLanka, Sudan and Iran as a Youth Representative

Travel brings power and love back into your life” and “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” President National Youth Assembly, Hanan Ali Abbasi, was one of those lucky men to be poured with the finest opportunity to pay an official visit to various countries across the world as a state guest in his younger times. So far, he has visited China, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Azerbaijan, UAE the United Kingdom and Iran.


Mr hanan visited China three times during the year 2010 to 2018. Hanan indulged such a great chance to sharpen his leadership and political affairs knowledge through the observation of myriad systems that had been practiced in the country for decades. To make his visit much memorable, he paid a detailed and recreational visit to some leading cities and places which were attracted by many visitors around the globe namely; Beijing, Forbidden City, Tian Chin, Uramqi etc. Not to forget, he also visited the residence of Mao to pay a tribute to the said legend who was known to be the founder leader of China. During his visit, he has given a number of briefings led by the officials pertaining to the Chinese Local government system, Jail system, Trade, Traffic system, Aeronautics, Agriculture, to name a few. In addition, he has received a warm reception held at Pakistani Embassy by then Ambassador Masood Khan as a token of appreciation for his visit. The traditional kind of modern Chinese leadership was really inspired him very much. For this, Hanan arranged an occasion to meet up with key leaders of the Communist Party who initiated its first establishment with only 60 members in a year of 1921. Accompanied by the endless long-standing history of sacrifices, this party has now moving one step further to be one of the biggest political parties in China. What’s even more, Hanan has made an observation by experimenting the HOPE project of China. Under this project, approximately 16,355 schools have been successfully built. As a result, the quality education within China could be boosted to the maximum level for the next generations to come of the country. He surveyed that this Chinese HOPE project has really produced such a great positive impact in the hope that other nations from different countries might follow its initiative for the benefits of the citizens. In an exclusive briefing channeled by media personnel, he has got to catch an insight particularly about Chinese media model and its strategies. He also voyaged the different departments located at the China’s biggest Television network, CCTV.


He also paid an abbreviated visit to Hong Kong, which could also be characterized as a genuine example of Chinese diplomatic success for liberating it through a table-talk discussion after a 156-year of occupation. Double-decker buses and ferries had put him on a real imagination of being a visitor and he still unable to resist the temptation in appreciating such a nice public facility and prosperity over there. In fact, the official visit to China was not only inspired him immensely, but also drove him to convert his fond memories and valuable experiences by writing on his book, titled “Cheen Say Bartania Taq” better known in English as “ From China to UK.”


Talking about his visit to the United Kingdom (UK), it has introduced to himself a new dimension and in-depth invaluable experience to his food for thoughts. On the occasion of his visit in the UK, Hanan had a chance to keep explored the Great Britain inquisitively, the House of Lords, the House of Commons, the Supreme Court of Great Britain, and accumulated a greater understanding about its political systems as well as parliamentary affairs. A formal visit to the premier official residence of UK known as 10 Downing Street, he engaged with the Prime Minister even further and had the opportunity to explore the different parts of the residence situated in 10 Downing Street. To his surprise, the residence still contained four rooms as it used to have back in 1721, at the time of the then first Prime Minister of UK, Sir Robert Walpole. Apart from his official visit to the UK, he benefited this once in a lifetime chance to mingle and spent a precious moments along with Pakistani societies who lived in various states of the UK included Birmingham, Glasgow, Bradford, Leeds, and Nottingham to shape the gaps even closely between him and them. Moreover, he also visited to the formerly Royal Institute of International Affairs called Chatham House which considered to be the third biggest Think-Tank of the world, and received a comprehensive briefing about the modus operandi and the recent landmarks had been achieved by them. During his stay in the UK, he had spent some leisure time by visiting famous venues throughout England such as Birmingham Palace, Big Ben, Speaker’s Corner, London Bridge, Oxford Street, London Eye, China Town, etc.


Hanan also represented Youth of his country in Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Sri Lanka during Commonwealth forum. 50 national leaders from the Commonwealth countries were attended this event and out of that portion, 27 countries were represented by their Heads of State. Also, the forum was attended by a number of 119 participants from 42 Commonwealth countries worldwide of which 97 were International youth delegates while several thousands of youth took part in the event locally. This year’s event has experienced a significant total number of participation compared to the previous Commonwealth Youth Forum (CYF) held in Perth, Australia in a year of 2011. In conjunction with the forum, Hanan Ali Abbasi also addressed a speech as a representative of Asia region to the General Assembly of Commonwealth Youth Council as well as casted his vote as the official representative of Pakistani Youth in CYC Elections. Hanan Abbasi had also met with Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at Hilton Hotel Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif announced a special donation of US$100,000/- at the Commonwealth Summit in Colombo for the newly established Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC). The contribution had successfully demonstrated the vital role made by Pakistan in realizing the importance of youth agenda in Commonwealth Nation. On behalf of Pakistan, Hanan Ali Abbasi accompanied by Sri Lankan Minister of Wildlife and went through plantation exercise and had planted a tree which marked his very first tree plantation in the Land of Sri Lanka by young delegates from Commonwealth. On this prestigious occasion, youth leaders across 54 Commonwealth countries were also present.


Hanan Ali Abbasi, the President of National Youth Assembly (NYA) who also represented as youth icon, has participated to an international conference “WAIA” held in Tehran from 20th to 30th of January 2012. More than 1200 young people from 73 countries of the world had been participated in the conference. Also present to this credible occasion were the prominent leaders, speakers, ministers, ambassadors, and members of the parliament basically came from the world. Running as a youth state guest, Hanan presented his research paper to be brought up to the Secretary General of the conference, Ali Akbar Valayati. In his paper, Hanan had proposed some diagnostic solutions to the problems faced by today’s world.


Hanan Ali Abbasi was exclusively honored to deliver key note speech and was invited as state guest and appeared in front of Media as international election observer. He visited different polling stations during president refer drum.


Hanan Abbasi also visited UAE and Azerbaijan as Leader of 10 and 14 members of the National Youth Assembly.