A Man with Incredible Generosity

Great success stories usually have humble beginnings. From unassuming beginnings come extraordinary. The story of Hanan Ali Abbasi – from an ordinary villager to International Commonwealth Youth Award holder, is one of such stories. His sheer dedication in working towards the achievement of his goals and his determination to keep moving ahead in spite of hurdles and adversities made him what he is today. Although he was born in a backward rural community he set off very early in life towards the lofty goal which he would be known for later in life. The odds he faced during his early life would have discouraged him but instead they ignited his desires to dynamically pursue his dreams. Through ceaseless efforts and constant trust in the virtue of his cause he became the architect of his own destiny. To him, every hurdle in life was a test. The question “how to help community?” was constantly throbbing in his mind. He began his primary education near his hometown in Abbottabad, Pakistan.Hanan_ali_abbasi_life_story

Afterwards, he moved to the capital city of Islamabad and started to his journey of emerging from the relative obscurity of his early life in the rural setup. The migration from city to village and vice versa had helped him to observe two different kinds of surroundings; rural and urban cultures. Willpower acted as a perennial source of energy and power to achieve. Surprisingly he was just a 14-year-old boy when he established his office. Despite having initial struggles in the beginning of his philanthropic career he always did believe in the notion that “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world.” At a very early age he focused upon the idea that your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.


A struggle has to be channeled into the nature of life, and a man could only be called a hero if he lets no obstacle prevent him from pursuing his valuable goals. The circumstances of his upbringing were not so promising yet his ambitions were as high as the sky. It was designed to be a community center for his fellow people where they can mutually contribute to the philanthropic movement started for the welfare of his members. With a great creative effort he even painted immaculate pictures, sketches and images to beautify his office. Along with the bitter sweet experiences in his entire life, Hanan Ali Abbasi got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with the public, acquire social skills, and refine story-telling talent that made him a well-known personality in the local community. His first essay entitled “My Village” in the daily Nawa-i-waqt has proved to be the first milestone to his greater success. He has obtained a pleasure privilege to be more familiar to the political matter. It is indeed honorable when a 17-year-old guy gets the opportunity to be a part of National Assembly proceedings, public movements, protests, political debates, elections etc.; Hanan Ali Abbasi has made this effort with great self-confidence. In 2005 he became the youngest journalist ever to be awarded the, “Pak-UK Excellence Award,” in the field of Media and Urdu Literature. In addition to this recognition he got the chance to perform in two dramas on PTV, Havali, and Baseera as an actor. His parents were strict in terms of discipline and always laid great emphasis the importance of knowledge. He was very young and he had the willingness to pursue some positive causes to help those in need and the less fortunate ones. His candid approach was simply incredible towards social and political scenarios which could potentially led him to be one of the prominent leaders one day. As he grew older he got more inclined towards the advancement of his writing career and exposure to political and social structure of the country.

Hanan_Ali_Abbasi_Pakitani_TalentThe significant achievement of his life has brought laurels to himself in the form of state’s highest official youth award, “National Youth Award 2010,” awarded by the Government of Pakistan. Apart from his humble personality he was also an enthusiastic member of Pakistani Judicial movement. Hanan Ali Abbasi narrated a drama series by the title of “Kali Aandhi,” based on the struggle story of Judicial Movement. Before long he began to have an adequate interest in contemplating the various aspects of politics and felt particularly aggrieved by decades of political instability in every corner of the country. The idea of leadership training became logical and smooth to realize when he decided to set up a Youth Movement at the National level. This movement was named, “National Youth Assembly,” which was aimed at unifying the youth of Pakistan for the betterment of the country. National Youth Assembly offers a platform to the young people of the country to present their ideas. The NYA is one of the leading forums of the country, which has brought together future leaders from more than 100 Districts of the country. It provides an opportunity for young minds to learn about politics, democracy, social work and parliamentary system in the best learning environment. Hanan has been giving voice to thousands of unsung heroes across Pakistan and other parts of the world. His role has not been limited to just NYA but he also became a member of the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s working Group pertaining to Youth, Sports, Tourism, and Archeology. This is a huge responsibility resting upon his shoulders. Hanan will be expected to work with 11 eminent members of the Working Group such as, Provincial Minister, Secretary, MNAs, and MPAs. One of Hanan’s recent achievements was in 2013 when he was the very first Pakistani to receive the prestigious Commonwealth Youth Award in the field of Democracy and Human Rights organized by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Youth Affairs Division. Fifty-four countries across the Commonwealth have contested for this award.

Hanan Ali Abbasi has authored two incredible books titled,” Zameeny Sitare,” and, “Cheen Sey Bartaniya Tak.” Hanan has always been vocal about a highly-developed Pakistan and in his book entitled “Cheen Say Bartania Tak,” he outlined an action plan on how to transform Pakistan into a poverty free and peaceful nation. Many prestigious universities and organizations have invited Hanan Ali Abbasi to share his longstanding experiences as a youth icon. His real-life journey came to glory when he was given the opportunity to pay a visit to the United Kingdom, China, Hong Kong, and Iran as a state guest. Hanan Ali Abbasi is one in a million youth to have written this remarkable success story of philanthropic gallantry and selfless love for humanity. His initiated HOPE campaign has reached out to 200,000 empty stomachs in 25 Districts of Pakistan and set an unprecedented example of self-reliance. Under this campaign new clothes were distributed to 2500 poor people of Pakistan and one month food items to 800 families. Hanan has also been serving as Chief Media Advisor in Commonwealth Youth Council. Hanan Ali Abbasi is indeed a role model for the young people and a glowing candle for those who are hopeless.




  1. excellent sir! your true inspiration for youth.

  2. Reading your story is such a remedy for those who intend to do more, inspire more! Salute you dear! :)

  3. Wow, m impressed by ur struggles nd effoRts dat u put to work for humanity.u deserves much more appreciation, nd lotx more successes in life…kip doing gudwork!!! Thumbsup!

  4. Execellent ,
    Keep it up
    proud of you :-)
    you are a role model for our society and inspiration too :-)
    Stay blessed :-)I

  5. Hanan, Sir am truly inspired by you ,you have got such a mature approach in a very young age. keep up the good work.

  6. Hanan Ali Abbasi is the real voice of the people of Pakistan. He is not only an inspiring personality but also a model for the people of middle class people. Well Done Hanan Bhai. Proud of you…

  7. A very nice and polite person, really an inspiring personality. May Allah Bless Hanan Ali Abbasi with more success.

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